Production of high quality hotel and home textil materials, frottier products

Fulfillment of different customers demands,design, sizes, embroideries, darns /confluences, logos, individual requests

Towels, bathmates

Handtowels: 50×90 cm, 50×100 cm, 70×90 cm
Towels: 70×140 cm, 90×150 cm, 100×150 cm
Bathmates: 50×70 cm, 50×80 cm

Handtowels: from
400 gr/m² to 550-600 gr/m²
Towels: from 400 gr/m² to 550-600 gr/m²
Bathmates: from
600 gr/m² to 850 gr/m²

In addition to standard sizes and weights, we also meet individual needs.

More detailed information, samples in the case of interest.

Stable and competitive pricing, flexibility and collaboration services