Carant Antenna

The present and the future

Carant Antenna Ltd. is offering communication antennas for the 3G, 4G and 5G mobile systems, for Vlan networks and for other assigned frequency bands. The company has more than 33 years practice and experience in designing, developing and manufacturing communication antennas. The up-to-date manufacturing unit, outstanding machine park and development experience ensure high quality products without compromise. Our main objective is to assess the potentials and predict needs of present and future technologies; due to continuous development we regularly present new innovations to the market. Individual developments, flexible and high quality services, continuous innovation based on individual needs are in the centre of our philosophy and the key to our success. Carant antennas have a massive, timeless construction, designed to be resistant to extreme weather conditions.

LPA antenna family: 427, 827, 727
A brand new production concept and technology was elaborated for the LPA antenna family, reinventing the former manufacturing practices of log-periodic antennas. Due to the broadband design, LPA antennas have various application possibilities besides the 3G and 4G bands.
LPA045 belongs to the LPA family with modern and clean design, excellent quality and easy to install characteristics. This product was developed for LTE 450 band and it perfectly replaces Yagi antennas. If installed to a supporting structure, LPA045 antennas can be used in MIMO application systems.
MIMO MSX 460 has a flat shape and a minimalist exterior design, with easy to install characteristics. The product uses MIMO technology if used on LTE 450 bandwidth. Currently we are improving the product to develop a version with the possibility of inserting a router into the antenna.
Directional antennas designed for 3G and 4G systems. The products are suitable for both outdoor and indoor networks.